Help us prove that social entrepreneurship presents a viable business and investment return - by backing our business model.


Get involved and help us scale our model and as a result positively impact the lives of women and girls throughout Africa.


  • Buy Nandi sanitary pads in bulk and invest in locally produced products made by women for women, who are co-creators and owners of their own Kgoshigadi business.

    Why? Empower women caregivers to earn an income that will enable them to take care of their families’ needs and ultimately keep Africa's girl children in school.


  • Reduce your environmental footprint and co-create safe, hygienic and affordable women’s sanitary products that are respectful of the environment, yet offer a safe and easy to use product that is comparable to others in the market.

Why? The average woman creates between 125kg-150kg of feminine product waste during the course her lifetime; this results serious environmental degradation as commercially available sanitary pads are not biodegradable.