Our vision is to transform health and wellness products and services available to women, in a way that delivers all-empowering economic and social value.



           At Kgoshigadi, we believe there is an all-empowering solution to the realities that women and girls face. We have identified a scalable and sustainable solution to the challenge of the high-cost of access to safe and hygienic sanitary products.

Nandi Pads Business-In-A-Box

Our mission is to transform current sanitary pad collection initiatives into profitable business opportunities through the sales of our ‘business-in-a-box’ that provides economic empowerment and eco-friendly, affordable sanitary products to women in low income communities.

We supply a carton of 60 or packs 120 packs of Nandi Pads; as well as a training manual of sales and marketing support that allows women to generate their own income. Once the women have established partnerships with friends and family, local retailers, NGO's, NPO's, schools, churches, spaza shops, hair and nail salons - they then continue to supply them with pads.

Each pack of sanitary pads is made using the highest quality processes and standards in a sanitary manufacturing environment.

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Women’s Health, Education and Information Programmes.

We believe healthy womanhood and wellness begins with informed choices. We prioritise consumer education, as well as information and wellness programmes that will not only break the taboos surrounding menstruation, but also build trust and sustained well-being in women and girls across Africa.

Our women’s health information programmes are created with the expert input and experience of qualified medical healthcare professionals.

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