Kgoshigadi, which means “Queen” in the South African language of sePedi, is a  social enterprise that is providing women’s employment opportunities through the manufacture and sale of menstrual health and wellness products.


Anecdotal evidence suggests that in South Africa, 3 out of 10 girls miss a week of school every month, totalling 150 weeks during their school careers - due to not being able to afford menstruation management products such as sanitary pads when they have their periods. This results in young girls dropping out of school altogether, as they simply cannot catch up their schoolwork.

The situation is prevalent across the whole of Africa: 

 UNICEF estimates that over 100 million school girls miss school for the same reason every month. 

We launched Kgoshigadi in 2012 to address the issue of menstruation-related absenteeism in girls from low-income families in the Soshanguvhe township of South Africa. Initially, we collected donations of sanitary pads from friends, family, community members and corporate sponsors, and donated these to various local schools and charities.  

With our experience of the needs of women in the communities we have worked with,    we transformed our operations into a social enterprise in order to deliver a more sustainable solution.

In 2017, we implemented our social franchising solution...

...Our business-in-a-box solution is anchored in an all-empowering revenue generation model with the benefit of positive socio-economic and environmental impact.