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 Kgoshigadi is a social enterprise that seeks to positively impact the lives of women and girls throughout Africa.

We do this through the setting up of Kgoshigadi mini-factories where local unemployed women are employed to manufacture & sell Nandi Pads: disposable and affordable sanitary pads, manufactured in South Africa

Kgoshigadi, which means “Queen” in the South African language of sePedi, is a  social enterprise that is providing women’s employment opportunities through the manufacture and sale of menstrual health and wellness products.


Anecdotal evidence suggests that in South Africa, 3 out of 10 girls miss a week of school every month, totalling 150 weeks during their school careers - due to not being able to afford menstruation management products such as sanitary pads when they have their periods. This results in young girls dropping out of school altogether, as they simply cannot catch up their schoolwork.

The situation is prevalent across the whole of Africa: 

 UNICEF estimates that over 100 million school girls miss school for the same reason every month. 

We launched Kgoshigadi in 2012 to address the issue of menstruation-related absenteeism in girls from low-income families in the Soshanguvhe township of South Africa. Initially, we collected donations of sanitary pads from friends, family, community members and corporate sponsors, and donated these to various local schools and charities.  

With our experience of the needs of women in the communities we have worked with,    we transformed our operations into a social enterprise in order to deliver a more sustainable solution.

In 2017, we implemented our social franchising solution...

...Our business-in-a-box solution is anchored in an all-empowering revenue generation model with the benefit of positive socio-economic and environmental impact.


Our vision is to transform health and wellness products and services available to women, in a way that delivers all-empowering economic and social value.



           At Kgoshigadi, we believe there is an all-empowering solution to the realities that women and girls face. We have identified a scalable and sustainable solution to the challenge of the high-cost of access to safe and hygienic sanitary products.

Nandi Pads Business-In-A-Box

Our mission is to transform current sanitary pad collection initiatives into profitable business opportunities through the sales of our ‘business-in-a-box’ that provides economic empowerment and eco-friendly, affordable sanitary products to women in low income communities.

We supply a carton of 60 or packs 120 packs of Nandi Pads; as well as a training manual of sales and marketing support that allows women to generate their own income. Once the women have established partnerships with friends and family, local retailers, NGO's, NPO's, schools, churches, spaza shops, hair and nail salons - they then continue to supply them with pads.

Each pack of sanitary pads is made using the highest quality processes and standards in a sanitary manufacturing environment.

Click here to express interest in supporting our initiative and promote local manufacturing and a green-economy with an environmentally friendly sanitary pad product made for women by women.

Women’s Health, Education and Information Programmes.

We believe healthy womanhood and wellness begins with informed choices. We prioritise consumer education, as well as information and wellness programmes that will not only break the taboos surrounding menstruation, but also build trust and sustained well-being in women and girls across Africa.

Our women’s health information programmes are created with the expert input and experience of qualified medical healthcare professionals.

Click here to invite us to your school or community group to get the conversation going and sample some of our products.


Jovana Korac 

A social anthropologist by training, a digital evangelist by choice and a social entrepreneur by passion, Jovana manages to combine her three major life passions in Kgoshigadi.

With a Masters of Management in Entrepreneurship from Wits Business School, and close to ten years of experience in the tech-for-social-impact space - Kgoshigadi allows her to live her dream of positively and sustainably impacting the lives of women and girls across the African continent.


Tebogo Motubatse 

Born in Soshanguve, Tebogo describes herself as a social entrepreneur that is passionate about educating women. She attained her diploma in public relations from Varsity College in in 2011 and is currently doing her advanced diploma in brand innovation at the Vega School of Brand.

Tebogo also sits on the Medical Research Council of South Africa’s Community Advisory Board as an advisor for alcohol abuse in informal settlements.


Help us prove that social entrepreneurship presents a viable business and investment return - by backing our business model.


Get involved and help us scale our model and as a result positively impact the lives of women and girls throughout Africa.


  • Buy Nandi sanitary pads in bulk and invest in locally produced products made by women for women, who are co-creators and owners of their own Kgoshigadi business.

    Why? Empower women caregivers to earn an income that will enable them to take care of their families’ needs and ultimately keep Africa's girl children in school.


Join us IN creating sustainable employment and business opportunities

for women across Africa

Please Note: As a startup we stagger our orders as we are at supply capacity. Preference is given to clients who pay a 50% deposit.

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